A stunning Volcano Orange McLaren P1 MSO was recently unveiled

11/13/2015 17:10:07
A stunning Volcano Orange McLaren P1 MSO was recently unveiled
A Volcano Orange McLaren P1 MSO was unveiled a few months ago, being available to customers willing to personalize their hybrid hypercar.

When buying a new expensive car, many people like to be sure that their auto is unique and unrepeatable. As thus, most of the customers who bought a 375 McLaren P1 have opted for some options of personalization of the McLaren Special Operations division. 

One of the most eye-catching MSO P1s produced was unveiled a few months ago and is noteworthy for its selection of additional carbon fibre and was shot by Arnaud Taquet for the British marque.

The most interesting element of the hybrid hypercar is that it has been adorned with additional carbon fibre on the sides. Most P1s have carbon fibre elements of the doors and this unit also has carbon on the side skirts and the front section of the rear wheel arches. Additionally, the underside of the rear wing is painted black and has a large painted McLaren logo.



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