Tesla's Autopilot Features for the new Model S sedan

10/14/2015 13:10:11
Tesla's Autopilot Features for the new Model S sedan
Tesla automaker presented a software update for the Tesla Model S sedan that includes new capabilities for the car’s Autopilot system, aiming to win the quest for leadership in autonomous driving area.

The quest for autonomous driving becomes more amd more interesting as almost all main worlds automakers strive to get the leadership in this area. Tesla's efforts in this sense are widely known.

As thus, Tesla automaker presented a software update for the Tesla Model S sedan that includes new capabilities for the car’s Autopilot system. In addition to the already available adaptive cruise control, the new Model S offers auto-steer, automatic lane change, automatic parking, and automatic emergency steering.

Though automatic parking and automatic steering assist have been in production cars for a few years now, Tesla is pushing ahead with the first application of an automatic lane-change feature. When the autosteer function is engaged, drivers can use either the left or right turn signal, and the car will change lanes on its own if the various sensors and cameras determine that the coast is clear. Drivers must keep their hands on the wheel as the car keeps itself in its lane. The update also includes a side collision warning system.

For new Tesla Model S sedans, these autonomous features are part of a $2,500 Autopilot package. Current Model S owners will have to pay the same amount to enable the features, even though the software update 7.0 will be downloaded to all existing Model S vehicles. All Model S sedans built after late 2014 are equipped with the hardware for these features.



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